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I have found it -- in Ukraine (!?)

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Slightly Older Guy who exiled himself to Ukraine to take another stab at life. Learned passable Russian, met the woman I had twice given up on ever meeting, before I compromised on marriage the first and then the second time. Starting a family and a new career.

I see Ukraine as a new frontier. My cry is "Go East, Young Man." Or not-so-young. Though you don't have to fight Indians here, there are certainly difficulties enough to overcome, starting with the language. The government has improved constantly over the last two centuries; it is now merely terrible. People gripe, but there is no revolution in the cards. Weather is kind of like New York or Washington - nasty winters, hot in midsummer.

The rewards are many. Start with women who want to marry and have families. Who appreciate men. Whose combination of culture and Christianity makes them outstanding partners. And, BTW, are natively attractive and work at enhancing what nature gave them.

Ukraine has a wonderful lack of diversity. All white folks here. I have never visited a city with a neighborhood I would not walk through by myself at midnight. Contrast this with America – every city has neighborhoods that radically tighten my sphincter even in daytime. Although outsiders make a big deal of the difference between the Russian speaking east and the Ukrainian speaking West, here in Kyiv everybody speaks both and nobody thinks about it. I project that when the nativist parties of Western Europe triumph and get serious about controlling immigration, Ukraine and a few other countries like Japan and Korea, which never allowed any, are going to look golden.

Education is getting worse everywhere, but Ukrainians still take it more seriously than Americans. They are not handicapped by No Child Left Behind and other political considerations.

Political correctness, what's that? A father can still bathe his kids or take pictures of them in the buff and not be called a pervert. You can still tell a pretty girl she is pretty. She will smile if you open the car door for her. Gays are treated decently, but they are not constantly in your face flaunting their orientation. It's live and let live, like San Francisco in the 60s.

Ukraine will come through global warming as well as any country in the world. The professionals who guess what is coming prognosticating warmer weather and more rainfall. Ukraine already has the most fertile land in the world, underutilized as a legacy of terrible agricultural policies for the past century. People here have always been able to eat, except when Stalin worked extraordinarily hard to starve them 80 years ago.

My purpose in starting this blog is to encourage exceptional people who want to meet good women and raise families in a country with a bright future to consider Ukraine.